100% Free casino games for webmasters

GameInsert is a 100% free service that provides webmasters with a customized casino games console with integrated chat that is specifically designed to cater to the look and feel of each and every individual webmasters site.

Our service is free but we do ask for a small favor in exchange. We've designed our system so as to offer webmasters two options the first being that a block of HTML code containing links to some of our sponsors will have to be placed on the homepage of the website where the console is used, we also offer another option which you can choose from where you won't have to copy anything to your site but you won't have access to any of the in game advertising. For more details please visit our sign-up page.

To get setup with your free games console please follow the following simple steps...

Getting started is quick and easy:

Step 1: Sign-up for a free account with GameInsert.com choosing one of our two sign-up options and filling out the necessary fields

Step 2: Copy and paste the HTML code containing our sponsoring links to your homepage. Once we see that the links are located on the homepage you submitted when you signed up we will begin the customization of your console (generally takes 12 - 24 hours to setup).

Step 3: Once we've customized and added your console to our system we will send you an e-mail with your account details and further instructions on how to integrate your newly created console into your website.

When it's all done and ready:

Once we've fully customized your console to the look and feel of your website including generating an appropriate color scheme, grabbing your logo, etc... we will send you and e-mail with details on how login and manage your console. The management functionality we've made available to webmasters is fairly extensive and includes the ability to manage the advertisements within the console (based on which option is chosen), the ability to download your player e-mail addresses in CVS format so you can market to your player base, stats on your players and much much more...

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