FAQ (Fact and Question):

Below you'll find commonly asked questions about our service. If you don't find the answer to your question below please feel free to contact us by visiting our support section and filling out a support request.

What exactly is gameinsert.com?

We offer webmasters fully customized casino console's absolutely 100% free of charge. Our free games console features thirteen exciting casino games which include four slot machine variations, video pokers, roulette blackjack and much more in addition to a fully featured integrated chat functionality allowing members of your console to engage in conversation while they play their favorite casino games.

Why should I use free games on my site?

By integrating free casino games into your website you'll increase the number of repeat visitors to your website and hence increase your visitors to new promotions, news, etc... which you may feature on your site. In essence if you don't manage to convert a visitor the first time you may manage to convert them the second or third time they visit your site.

What are the benefits to using the games offered by gameinsert.com?

We've investigated and broken down similar type systems that offer webmasters free casino games and what we've basically done is elaborated on everything they had to offer. We have more games then any other free casino games system offers out there, more functionality to both your players and on the webmaster backend and our system has been well thought out and in development for over a year.

So what's the catch why are you offering the games for free?

Although our custom casino consoles are free we do ask webmasters for a small trade. In exchange for the use of a customized gameinsert.com casino console we ask webmasters to copy and paste a small block of HTML code onto your homepage which are links to some of our sponsoring sites, these links must remain in tact in order for the console to remain active. Alternatively webmasters who'd like a different option can choose our second option where they won't have to copy any HTML to their homepage but instead will not have access to the rich advertising features incorporated within the console system.

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